Empower your mind:  Master the art of Self Hypnosis workshop 1:30pm 30th July Wee retreat event

A simple and yet powerful strategy for change is self hypnosis.

I love to empower people with the tools to hypnotise themselves so they can continue to transform outside of the therapy room. 

Every day we are surrounded by stress and distractions which can easily take us away from the focus needed to move forward with our lives. That’s why it’s important to find tools for personal growth and self improvement to ultimately improve the quality of our lives. 

Self hypnosis is one such tool which is quite often overlooked. It’s a powerful practice that can help you tap into the power of the unconscious mind. Through our own experiences, such as events, situations, can shape the story or perhaps even the words that we are telling ourselves. We may even become fixated on those stories and carve our identity from them. 

By tapping into our unconscious mind we can tap into our wealth of knowledge and wisdom and take the lessons from these experiences and look at things from a new perspective allowing us to create new ideas and let go of what we no longer need and ultimately moving us in the direction that we wish to take. 

Self hypnosis is a practical tool that can provide you with the insights to embark on a journey of self discovery, empowerment and lasting change. 

It allows you to access a state of focussed awareness and relaxation. By entering into this deep state of relaxation you can bypass the critical conscious mind and access the powerful realm of the unconscious where beliefs, emotions and habits reside. 

The joy of self hypnosis is you can access a hypnotic state very quickly and easily. You can create the relaxation necessary for being receptive to new ideas, change habits or let go of an old outdated behaviour.

I can teach you now one such technique, if you read through to the end before commencing.

Simply close your eyes and allow your body to become relaxed. If you are following along at this moment then please ensure you are safe and not operating machinery or driving. 

I will give credit to this technique to the legendary hypnotist Dave Ellman who was in fact a pioneer of the hypnotic profession. 

Can you imagine squeezing your fist so tightly that you couldn’t squeeze it anymore? Or relaxing your hand that you couldn’t relax it anymore? You relaxed it so much that you in fact couldn’t use it. Well that is what I want you to do with your eyes. Relax those tiny muscles around your eyes so they just don’t work. Although you relax them so much that even if you try to open them. They just don’t work. 

Now send that relaxation all the way through your body. All the way through the soles of your feet. Enjoy that beautiful sensation of that relaxation throughout your body. Now think about what you would like to achieve. Imagine it like a movie in your mind. Step right into that movie. Completely in your own body. 

What can you feel?

What sensations would you have within your body?

What can you see with your own eyes?

What can you hear?

What would you be saying to yourself? 

Use all of your senses to enrich the experience. Whatever way you are doing it is right for you. 

Allow yourself to fully experience your future success. Look back at all the things you did along the way that took you to your goal. Allow this outcome to be part of who you are now. This change is who you are effortlessly and easily. It’s who you have always been. 

When you have made these changes and are ready to move your life in the direction of this new way of being. Open your eyes and notice how good you feel? 

Practise thinking about what you want and mentally rehearse it on a regular basis. You will be conditioning your mind to a positive outcome. 

I always suggest working on one outcome at a time and fit it into your day in moments of change. Whether that be waking up in the morning or going to bed at night or perhaps when you are taking a moment of mindfulness throughout your day. 

Like any tool it becomes more automatic the more you use it. The more you use it you are harnessing the power of the mind to create a new neural pathway to create the change you desire. 

If you would like to learn more about self hypnosis and learn the tools for creating change in your own life, I would love you to come along to an event that I am hosting on the 30th of July at the Wee Retreat in Glasgow at 1:30pm. 

You can also enjoy enhanced relaxation, improve your wellbeing and learn stress management through self-healing. 

By joining this workshop, you will not only gain practical tools but will also uncover a wealth of benefits that will positively impact every aspect of your life.  

 Discover your inner strengths: Allowing them to flourish and guide you towards success.

Gain new perspectives: See the world from a renewed vantage point, leading to greater clarity and insight.

Enhance decision making: Make informed choices from your unconscious wisdom. 

Promote positive thinking: Cultivate an optimistic mindset that uplifts and motivates you. 

Forge mental resilience: Navigate life’s challenges and embrace personal growth and change.

In this workshop you will be guided through a series of techniques, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to effortlessly integrate self-hypnosis into your daily life. 

Join like-minded individuals in a nurturing supportive environment, fostering personal connections and personal growth.

Experience deep relaxation as you immerse yourself in a rejuvenating hypnosis session, unlocking the key to accessing self-hypnosis whenever you desire.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me : [email protected]

Or if you would like to get booked onto the workshop you can secure your place here: https://www.theweeretreat.co.uk/whats-on/

Look forward to meeting you there. 

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