I never imagined that I would be able to stand in front of a crowd and give a talk to them. I was that person who didn’t sleep, felt physically sick the night before I was due to give a talk at work. During the talk, I shook, I turned red, I stumbled over my words, and it only made me feel worse about myself, but that was until I discovered hypnotherapy.

Since then, my life has completely changed. I easily speak in front of people, and I enjoy it, which I never thought was possible.

But how?

Hypnotherapy uses lots of techniques to help boost your confidence by tapping into your unconscious mind, where our habits and beliefs are stored. This is done through a hypnotic trance and it’s in this state that we are more relaxed, our mind is open to positive suggestion, enabling you to replace negative beliefs, habits and patterns.


During hypnosis you will be asked to think of a time that you felt confident. It could be something simple, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Perhaps it’s associated with a place or a phrase? You will then be asked to touch a part of your body. It could be your finger and your thumb. Hold that place you have chosen and associate into that feeling. This creates an anchor of a positive emotional state. So, any time that you need a booster confidence, press that part of the body and it automatically takes you to your desired state.


You can also utilize any previous resources of confidence that you have during the hypnosis session. Think of a time that you were confident? This can be associated with a colour and a feeling in the body which can then be mapped over an area where you felt less confident until they both match up and you feel equally confident in both situations.

Creative visualization

What if you can’t imagine a time, you’ve been confident? Our unconscious minds are incredibly clever, and they can program us to have the same qualities by simply imagining being the confident person that we admire.

I would like you to imagine the confident person that you admire and get an image in your mind’s eye about this person and start to model their behaviour. Watch how they move, stand, speak, facial expressions and get a real sense of that within your body and jump right into that image in your head and see what they see, hear what they hear, and feel what they feel. Now there’s a great phrase that says: “if you can see it, you can be it “and that is the gift of creative visualization. During hypnosis, visualizing you can help you create lasting and rapid change as it’s a powerful form of suggestion that comes from your own mind. Taking you to the desired outcome by tapping into the emotional state of what it would be like to achieve confidence. Anything you mentally rehearse in a hypnotic trance will be available for you and a normal state of consciousness. Imagining the desired result tricks your unconscious mind into believing you’re already have achieved the outcome.

Why don’t you start now?

Think about what you want to achieve or change and ask yourself” what if I could be good at talking in front of people? “And just let your unconscious mind go searching for the answers for you.

Have fun with visualization, be playful in your mind as you never know, you might just create your ideal life!

If you’d like to learn more? or move start your journey towards your own goals. Why not book a consultation with Theresa and create change.