Is your quality of life affected by a phobia or fear?

All phobias can be exhausting, cause stress and anxiety. The fear is real, irrational and persistent. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique for eliminating phobias, leaving you free to see the source of your old unwanted fear in a more rational way.

Imagine feeling calm and relaxed in situations that in the past caused anxiety and panic. For many people there is often a positive reason behind the panic response. It may seem that the behaviour is irrational, but the unconscious mind is looking for a way to protect the individual.

For many people it could be a learned response from our parents or peers, or it could be attached to a memory that has been forgotten, or a situation that triggered it. Hypnotherapy is extremely successful in the treatment of phobias as it gets to the root cause of your phobia. Phobias reside in the unconscious part of our minds and during hypnosis we can access this part of our mind, where our learned behaviour pattern-making systems reside to make positive changes. It focusses on re-patterning your thoughts and memories around your phobia. To give you a more manageable response to your phobia and help you eliminate it forever.

Are you self-conscious and embarrassed by your fear?

Difficulty breathing/ trembling/shaking?

Pain or tightness in chest?

Feeling dizzy or nauseous?

Avoiding certain situations?

Whether your phobia is triggered by certain situations, objects, animals, or people. I can help you let go of any unhelpful beliefs that have been causing your irrational fear.

How hypnotherapy can help!

Teach you powerful anchoring techniques to help you stay in control of your phobia.

Help you respond in a more rational and manageable way to your phobia.

Live a more confident and happier life.

Banish your phobia and live life to the full!